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Every problem has an infinite number of solutions! We will help you select the one that fits your needs.

Benefit from our 15 years of experience in Laboratory Automation

We represent GeSiM mbH, your partner for 3DBioprinting, Microfluidics, Nanodispensing, Microarray Printing, Micro-Contact Printing and custom liquid handling solutions

GeSiM bioinstruments such as the BioScaffolder, Nanoplotter, Micro-contact Printer and BioSynthesizer are in use around the world in academia and research as well as in R&D labs and translational science facilities. From Microarray Printing and Nanodispensing on Microfluidic Devices (bioMEMS) with the Nanoplotter to 3D BioPrinting for tissue engineering in regenerative medicine with the BioScaffolder, ScieCon and GeSiM are committed to enhancing your research through German engineering and creative custom solutions. 

Greetings from ScieCon!

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