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We help scientists work less with their hands and more with their brain...

Laboratory Automation has come a long way from the times where a few technically apt scientists were brave enough to source and build an automated system to take over the repetitive part of their work. I used to be one of those. Nowadays automation is employed everywhere in the laboratory and the choice of devices and software far exceeds what a laboratory manager can research and evaluate on their own. How many hours do researchers and vendor reps waste on emails, phone conferences and meetings just to find out weeks into the project that the product does not meet all the needs of the customer’s application? Working with many customers in Pharma and Academia, I have developed a process to communicate requirements in a way vendors will understand. This process can reduce the risk of miscommunications and ambiguous language and help you get the performance you expect.

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We help equipment manufacturers and vendors find and target new applications for their product...

Over the years I have experienced how customers go about their search for a product that will do what they need it to do. The search typically starts by looking for an example of their application being automated by someone else. Products that show up within an application note or publication are the first ones to be found. I’ve developed a process to address the “product-application targeting” challenge to help vendors market their product to customers interested in automating a specific application.

Are you an equipment manufacturer or vendor, looking for applications to target?
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