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The GeSiM B-Sys Automation Platform

The GeSiM B-Sys 3.1 is more than a liquid handler, it is an automation multitool with exceptional capabilities. It can move solids with a “particle pipette", press samples through filter-columns, pierce and pipette through septa and heat vials up to 150 C under up to 8 bars of pressure. It can deliver liquids in the low nanoliter range and up to several mL using a variety of pipette and dispense tools.

Based on the already successful Research Platform C Line of instruments such as the BioScaffolder 3.2 and the Micro Contact Printer µCP 4.1, GeSiM has developed another liquid handling multitool. In addition to the dispense and extrusion tools available on the BioScaffolder, the B-Sys 3.1 offers a powder pipette, a 3 lumen dispenser as well as the ability to use syringe needles and disposable pipette tips.   

  • The B-Sys is available in two deck sizes. 

  • The deck can be equipped with a variety of trays and racks to hold SBS-Plates, microscopy slides as well as tubes and vials. 

  • The Port-Rack allows the use of in-line filters and SPE columns

  • The Toolhead has 7 axis that can move independently in z-direction. They can be equipped with a variety of tools.

  • The "3-Lumen Dispenser" can be connected to either a syringe pump and a source vessel to dispense liquids or to a gas source to dry a product or displace ambient air with Ar or N2.

  • When equipped with a suitable adapter and connected to a vacuum source, it can be used as a "vacuum gripper" to move items such as vials, slides or lids.

  • Any combination of syringe pump or gas/vacuum source is thinkable. 

  • The "Pipette Tool" is able to use syringe needles as well as disposable pipette tips. 

  • This allows piercing of septa on vials or plates as well as injection of a sample into a HLPC port. 

  • The "Solids Pipette" is a unique design which allows the controlled uptake and release of small particles such as beads, crystals and other small solid items. 

  • The uptake and release is monitored with a microscope camera for verification of every transfer.

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