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The GeSiM Nanoplotter 

The GeSiM Nanoplotter is a versatile, non-contact Microarray Printer for medium to large throughput. It offers choices of various pipetting and dispensing tools as well as a variety of substrate holders and comes in two sizes. 

Feature of the Month

The TwinTip Pipette uses two Solenoid or Piezo Pipettes to simultaneously dispense picoliter to nanoliter droplets of two liquids into the same spot on the target where they mix due their kinetic energy.  

This feature has been used to create hydrogel objects with gradients of an active compound. Other applications where the mixing of a gelling agent and a crosslinker need to occur at the target are thinkable.

                             More Videos on the Scie-Con YouTube Channel

The Nanoplotter is available in two sizes. The NP 2.1 can hold 55 slides or 6 SBS-format Microplates. The larger deck of the NP 2.1/E can hold 120 slides or 12 SBS-format Microplates. For unattended runs of more than 12 plates, the Nanoplotter has been integrated with automated plate storage devices.

The Nanoplotter offers choices of various worktrays for slides, microplates as well as magnetic and vacuum trays for flexible substrates such as membranes or for wafers. There even is a tray with backlight for transparent substrates.

With a choice of various pipetting and dispensing tools the Nanoplotter is the most versatile Nanodispensing Workstation in the market. Piezo Pipettes can create droplets as small as 50 pL and are available with reservoir geometries for liquids of different viscosity and tip geometries to access microwell plates. Most tips are available as heated versions. 
GeSiM also offers a variety of cartridge dispensers and solenoid valve based pipettes with glas or steel capillaries.   

If the application requires it, the targets as well as sample source​ can be temperature controlled. The instrument enclosure can be humidified to prevent evaporation. The Camera-Microscope enables in-process QC as well as automated target recognition to align a spot/array to fiducial markers. 

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