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The GeSiM BioScaffolder is a customizable bioprinting multitool that fits into most biosafety cabinets. It offers a variety of tools used for tissue engineering, scaffolding and 3D printing of medical devices. As your research changes, the Bio-Scaffolder can be reconfigured to match your needs. It can handle liquids as well as gels and other pasty materials with very high viscosity and offers heated and chilled options for bio-inks as well as the printed object.


Nanoplotter 2.1

The GeSiM Nanoplotter is an expandable Microarraying Platform. It can be configured with up to 16 Nanopipettes for high throughput. A variety of dispensers and pipettes for different volume ranges is available. It accommodates slides as well as microplates and other substrates on temperature controlled worktrays and offers automatic target recognition via the onboard camera microscope.


Micro-Contact Printer

The Micro-contact-Printer 4.1 (µCP 4.1) offers surface patterning at the submicrometer range as well as Nano-Imprint Lithography in one instrument. It allows for the creation and use of your own PDMS stamps from your own master. Through the powerful Software GUI users can optimize print parameters and create automated procedures. The µCP 4.1 fits into standard laboratory safety cabinets and is highly customizable. It can manage several stamps with individual patterns and is equipped with a centrifuge inking station, UV-curing light and dispense tools


B-Sys Automation Platform

The GeSiM B-Sys 3.1 is more than a liquid handler, it is an automation multitool with exceptional capabilities. It can move solids with a “particle pipette”, press samples through filter-columns, pierce and pipette through septa and heat vials up to 150 C under up to 8 bars of pressure. It can deliver liquids in the low nanoliter range and up to several mL using a variety of pipette and dispense tools.

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